One-stop solutions for all your needs

EULEN Art specialises in services to institutions and private citizens who preserve, manage and promote art and culture.

Our portfolio covers a wide range of work, adapted to the needs of individual clients, but also offers the possibility of combining a variety of different services, depending on the nature of each project and its ultimate goals.

01 Cataloguing and inventory

  • Identification and quantification of property
  • Cataloguing of works
  • Classification of heritage assets
  • Analysis of record discrepancies
  • Design and development of collection maps
  • Implementation of digital catalogue systems
  • Data systematisation for publications

02 Restoration and conservation

  • Diagnostics and drafting of preliminary reports (condition, recommended treatments)
  • Conservation and restoration treatment (technical report, intervention criteria, multidisciplinary background information, justification of recommended interventions)
  • Preventive conservation (programmes, technical advice, drafting and implementing plans)
  • Physical and chemical analyses
  • Pest control
  • Field and laboratory archaeology
  • Rescue archaeology

03 Specialised professional teams

  • Restoration and preventive conservation
  • Cultural managers
  • Cultural mediators
  • Group dynamisers
  • Educational workshops
  • Guided tours
  • Comprehensive visitor services (ticket office, information, services, facilities, cloakrooms, shops)
  • Customer services and sales in museum shops
  • Cultural volunteers
  • Logistical and maintenance service teams

04 Technical and collection management services

  • Made-to-measure packaging
  • Customised transport
  • Handling, installation and placement of artworks
  • Comprehensive management of cultural assets (customs services, security and in-transit guards, couriers, transport coordination, artwork handling)
  • Long-term custody and storage
  • Insurance
  • Legal and tax advice
  • Aesthetic advice

05 Museography and museology

  • Permanent, temporary, touring and turnkey exhibitions
  • Exhibition ideas and concepts
  • Exhibition and museographic design
  • Curatorial, technical and project management, production and coordination services
  • Exhibition production, installation, maintenance and dismantling
  • Graphic identity
  • Signage
  • Street Art
  • Media Art
  • Interactive and AV projects
  • 3D reproduction of artworks and monuments
  • Artistic and exhibition lighting projects (master plans, light fixture design)
  • Emergency rescue and evacuation plans
  • Health and safety plans

06 Publicity and promotion

  • Cultural communication campaigns
  • Visual identities
  • Design and production of promotional material
  • Catalogues and publications
  • Audiovisual projects
  • Multimedia apps
  • Instructive resources and educational materials